Our Advantage

Our group independently developed new process of Phenylephrine HCl, etc replacing old process, and has outstanding significance on reducing  pollution and protecting environment. We attach great importance to our employees as the key to success, and provide opportunities for them to improve their ability and show their leadership. We live up the philosophy of green development, operate in a responsible and ethical way, promise to protect environment and keep sustainable development.


Contract Manufacturing

• GMP compliant manufacturing

• Collaborative and non-competing business model

• Exclusive project working relationship for grams – kilos- commercial

• Intellectual Property Protection


Custom Synthesis

• Non-infringing processes

• Synthesis of API's and Complex Advanced Intermediates

• Biosynthesis of API's, Intermediates and Performance Chemicals

• Intellectual Property Protection


Contract Research

• New Chemical entities – Global patents

• Non-infringing processes

• Competently staffed- Doctorates in Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Microbiology

• In-house process development

Happy Group’s mission:  Deliver  high-quality, competitively priced API to make  healthcare more accessible  and affordable around the world.

Meaning of Happy  

H: Harmony of the mentality created a working atmosphere of cooperation and, ensure staff actively seize the opportunity, bravely face up to challenges to form an optimistic attitude to life.

A:  “The sea can accept the water from thousands of rivers, it's immense because of its capacity.”

P:  Practical  method, which guarantees we can recognize a little innovation achievement to form the standard and code of actions.

P:  Make progress day after day.

Y:  Yearning for better life is our motivation.

Innovation System

• Develop new products, new process by working together with Medical Engineering Research Center, in Chengdu R&D Center

• Cooperating with Key Universities in China, Improve product process .

• Improve cost-effective and working efficiency 

Customer-centered system 

• Focus on customer’s requirement orientation to establish a comprehensive Marketing, R&D and Manufacturing system.

We are committed to human health!

Quality, Integrity and Excellence are Our business belief !

Hand in hand with Happy Pharm to make a happier future!